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Our 14 favourite travel photos.

Portobello Road

Virginia Beach

Notre dame sunset

Galway - O'Brien and Olive

Boat Galway

eiffel tower at sunset


O'Brien and Olive - Virginia Beach 18

Golden Gate Bridge - O'Brien and Olive

Paris City

The Long Walk


Portobello Road

palais garnier

     What first sparked our love for nonstop traveling together was spending our honeymoon sailing through Italy, France, Spain, Montenegro, and Greece last September 2015. I remember it so well…we would fall asleep together every night in one city or country and wake up in an entirely brand new one almost every single morning! Since then, we have been fortunate enough to continue traveling all over together to different places (even moving to Ireland earlier this year!) and document our adventures and memories along the way right here on our blog and Instagram!

     Growing up as children, we, combined, had traveled to India, Japan, Philippines, Portugal, Canada, Spain, England, and all over the United States with our families–traveling had always been a passion embedded in us by our parents ever since we could remember! When we began dating after I had moved to England from the U.S. for three years to train in musical theatre, our first getaway together was a surprise overnight trip to Brussels, Belgium for Jack’s birthday, and our first holiday together was Paris, France–Jack’s surprise Christmas present for me. He then spent a summer with my family and me back in Virginia and a few days in New York City. And after marrying in July of last year, being a very young, international (British-American) married couple, we had found our home within travel…it was our very own escape and our way to just be together whilst we couldn’t figure out how to live together permanently in each other’s home countries because of financial status, visas, etc. If we couldn’t live together in our own home countries, we would build our home within one another, together, everywhere else in the world.

     Now, our physical home is a little bit more settled here in Ireland…though we can’t promise we’ll be staying put for too long! And fortunately, our love for travel together hasn’t stopped or slowed down at all! On Thursday, we are off to MALTA for some Mediterranean island exploring! We are most definitely summer lovers, and as it’s getting just a little bit too cold over here, we figured it’s time to escape the chilly air for a little while on another adventure! We keep calling this our “minimoon” because this will technically be our very first proper island holiday together, and preparing and planning for it feels just like how we felt when we were planning our honeymoon!

     Crystal clear blue lagoons, sailing, cliff jumping, snorkelling, secret water caves, Popeye’s Village, city adventures, Mediterranean sunrises and sunsets, and my sweet soulmate! We will never quite be able to find or string the right words together to describe just how much seeing and learning more about the world that we live in together means to us.


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The City of Love Part Two: 10 Things

10 Things about our secret, spontaneous trip to Paris, France.
All photographs were shot on 35mm film.

eiffel tower at sunset


1. There is nothing quite like authentic Parisian baguettes!
When you then add mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the Midnight in Paris movie soundtrack playing in the background, and a view of the Eiffel Tower from our Parisian apartment, it became one of the most delicious and most magical experiences we’ve ever shared together.


2. The view from our living room and bedroom apartment had the world’s largest hot air balloon flying over the rooftops in the distance!
We said that we would save riding in it for the last day (it’s one of our biggest dreams to ride a hot air balloon!), but it just so happened that, on the day that finally went to do it, the wind was too strong for the balloon to ascend! Rule number 1: Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to do something. There will never be a perfect time to do anything. Just do it. 🙂

eiffel tower at sunset

3. On the first day we arrived, before checking in to our Airbnb, we laid together on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower.
There were brides and grooms having their wedding photos taken in every direction, people posing for that perfect shot in front of the tower, the list of people watching goes on. Meanwhile, we were taking time to catch our breaths from having only decided to come to Paris 13 hours before! Under the shade of the trees with the bluest of skies, it was the most magnificent place to lay down and relax in one another’s arms.

eiffel tower

4. One of our fondest memories together is plopping ourselves down right in the streets of Paris at sunset and watercolour painting the Notre-Dame Cathedral amongst a fairy floss sky. 🙂
And there were accordions playing and people passing by to take a peek at our painting…and we were so engulfed in pure bliss that we didn’t finish painting until after the sun went down, the accordion players went home, and the street lamps were lit.

eiffel tower at sunset

5. My love standing on the balcony of the Palais Garnier with the sun reflecting onto the marble floor and concrete pillars.
She looked like a princess, an angel. I took a step back and just watched her looking into the distance. She has no idea just how in love I am with her.

palais garnier

6. The Bouquinistes stretching along the River Seine.
We walked side by side,with the sound of an accordion being played next to the river, pretending and imagining how we would decorate our studio apartment if we ever lived in NYC.


7. I had my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Frappuccino on what was a particularly hot and humid day in Paris.
We looked in haste for a place to sit in the shade and found a spot on the steps along the River Seine facing Notre-Dame. To the left of us was a young woman sitting next to us colouring in a complete masterpiece of Notre-Dame freehandedly in her sketch book. Never did I think that my first Pumpkin Spiced Frappuccino would be as artsy and as memorable as it had turned out.

Paris Carousel at night

8. (Potentially) dancing like crazy monkeys together in the background of a ballet documentary!
Whilst we were visiting the Palais Garnier, a documentary was being filmed in the atrium. Standing in the distance, behind where a male performer was being interviewed, we danced ridiculously in the hope of being tiny moving specks seen in the background of this documentary. We shall forever wonder if we made our first French TV appearance! 🙂

palais garnier

9. Finally being able to speak the French language that we’ve spent months learning together!
It was so fun to actually piece together what people around us were saying. Whilst we were not fluent enough to reply with the most perfectly structured sentences, we did our very best! …Although, some moments were a little less successful than others–Allison replying to the waiter, “Je suis un write” (I am a fry).

Eiffel Tower

10. The twinkles of the Eiffel Tower late at night from our kitchen window.
The most picturesque view was atop the Trocadero as the sun was setting. We could hear around us the change from general chit chat to a chorus of wonder and amazement as soon as the tower began to glitter. Something even better than that, however, was the view from our Airbnb kitchen window where we could see the top of the Eiffel Tower sparkling from all the way across the city. One minute before the hour, every hour, we would run to the window and just gaze…holding each other in a blissful silence. Just like we do at home, we switched on some music and with Frank Sinatra playing from our speakers, danced to the peace of the night in our pajamas.


eiffel tower at sunset


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Our Adventures at the Cliffs of Moher

Sitting at the edge of the earth, 702 feet high, with the love of my soul.





















     We kept laughing and saying to one another, as we kept inching further and further to the edge of the cliffs, “I guess you don’t know truly just how much you love someone until you’re clutching them with all your might, hearts pounding, constantly reminding each other to ‘BE CAREFUL!’, standing together at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher!”

     Just a stone’s throw away from our little seaside city is home to Ireland’s most impressive, terrifying, and awe inspiring view of the Cliffs of Moher! I remember how, when we flew over to Ireland for the first time 8 months ago, we leaned side by side towards the aeroplane’s window and stared in wonder with each other at the deep and vibrant green that flowed as far as our eyes could see. We held each other’s hand without saying a word. This was going to be our new home.

      During the summer, up until this point, we had been quite content staying within the cobble stoned streets of Galway, but it was time to go on an adventure to grounds higher than we had ever stood before! And boy, did it deliver. The cliffs looked and felt just as magical and astounding as we had imagined, if not more. Seeing nothing but the grand ocean off in the distance and feeling the gentle summer breeze whilst our little feet were tangling together off the edge, 702 feet high above the ground…ahh, it was unlike anything else! It was incredible! And it was amazing to know that beloved films like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and The Princess Bride were filmed there. We made a whole day of it! We visited Dunguaire Castle, the Burren (which is like walking on the moon!), had a pub lunch in the quaint but gorgeous little town of Doolin, and explored the cliffs at Galway Bay which we actually thought were just that little bit scarier than the Cliffs of Moher.

     They say that being a tourist in your own town is one of the best things that you can do! And every time we told an Irish local that we’d been living here since February but still hadn’t made our way to the cliffs yet, they’d widen their eyes in disbelief and laugh! “What have you been doing with yourselves this whole time that you haven’t yet seen the Cliffs of Moher?!” 

They couldn’t have been more right! It was about time. 🙂



  • I have never known a soul more filled with sunshine than this little light beam right here. ☀️☄
  • Where the wild things are. ✨
  • As a little boy, I remember when my nanny and grandad took my brother and me to the seaside. Flying over our heads were the most magical and impressive jets, the Red Arrows--more magical than from a child's own imagination. This is one of those vague yet very distinct memories that lasts a lifetime, and all it takes is to look to the skies.
  • Marry someone who is kind and good. ❤️

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