Every Morning in Paris

     Every morning in Paris with my wife is every poem I’ve ever read come to life.

     With every visit to Paris, it always feels as if there is even more to discover — whether it be the sights, the cuisine, or even, would you believe, the weather! This was our third trip to the eternally beautiful city of Paris, yet it was our first time seeing the cobble stoned roads and open views of the monuments during days that weren’t quite so sunny! 🙂

     They say that there is no city more beautiful in the rain than Paris, and for some unexplainable reason, it was always Allison’s and my vision to see the city during its morning mist; imagine seeing the great Eiffel Tower, something that take’s people’s breaths away, be gradually blanketed by the clouds…ah, that moment was more magical than one could ever write about.

     Another detail that my wondrous wife adores about this city are the rooftops! Whilst that may sound like a rather overlooked choice of details to appreciate, I must admit that there is something quite magical about being as high as the Parisian rooftops, on the balconies whilst the city’s lights twinkle from the apartments one by one.

      After long hours of exploring, we cuddled up in our little bathrobes at Hotel La Lanterne and stood out on our balcony–the cutest, private balcony which poked out from the hotel’s own little Parisian rooftop, just holding one another. Across the hotel was an apartment complex. We could see their windows from our balcony, and whenever a light would go out in one room, another window would light up right away. It was almost like an amusing game of tag between the French and their neighbours! And without even trying, we were blessed with an endearing glimpse of the Parisienne’s life at home at night. We could see a sweet, old couple having dinner in their plant-speckled kitchen (which might as well have been a greenhouse!), a young, artistic looking man losing himself in the world of the book he was reading up in his loft, and a middle-aged couple, looking so happy in love, sharing a cigarette on their balcony. We breathed in the crisp air of one of the most poetic cities in the world, and then headed to bed.

     The following morning was brisk! We had shared the best night’s sleep and put on one of our most favourite French tunes, “Le Temps de l’Amour!” We headed straight back to our balcony and shared a delicious breakfast and marvelled at the beautifully quaint and quiet Parisian streets below us. The sky was cloudy, our tummies were filled with croissants and fresh coffee, and suddenly, a few droplets of rain began to greet us, “Bonjour!” We were in Paris yet again, and every single moment was a brand new opportunity for adventure! And thank you so much to the delightful team at Hotel La Lanterne for hosting us! We had the loveliest stay. 🙂

     For us, Paris has become a city where we feel like we can call it home. There aren’t many places in the world where the rain becomes not a nuisance, but instead, a reason to go for a walk. And there aren’t many better places to share a baguette and fresh mango smoothie at the break of dawn than just outside the Louvre! 😉

     Paris, we can’t truly explain what it is, but you are something made of magic.


Dreaming in Venice, Italy

     “And I said to him, ‘If Paris is the City of Lights and Los Angeles is the City of Stars and New York City is the City That Never Sleeps, well then…Venice is the City of Dreams.'”

Photographs and little excerpts from our personal diary written during our visit to Venice, Italy:

     “There is no denying it — Venice is a beautiful city. It is quite frankly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life so far. Your hear the stories; you hear other people’s opinions before coming, but nothing can quite prepare you for Venezia’s beauty in the cold and in the rain. Its architecture, its shops, its art, its canals, its bell towers, its waves, its food, its lovers. Yet, having said all of these things, there would be one thing missing from everyone else’s visit, but not mine…Allison Marie. Maybe she, no, she is the reason for Venezia’s beauty. Her passion, and her ever growing wonder and appreciation for this world is simply breathtaking. I see in her eyes such excitement and such joy for things to ordinary to other people. She takes my breath away when Venice takes her breath away. I have shared with this woman the best moments that I couldn’t possibly dream about. I love you mia bella. xx”

     “Watching the sunrise as we sat across from the Bridge of Sighs with our little feet dangling above the turquoise canal and nothing but the crisp, chilly air and early morning fog of Venice surrounding us…one of our most precious moments. It was spectacular yet so serene. And in that moment, I’d never realised that something so calm could be so spectacular.”

     “Whilst playing in the piazza early one morning, we were approached by a man with bird seeds in his hand (the crazy bird man–as Alli likes to call him) trying to scam people out of money. We were adamant before he approached that we would just say, “No!” Then, just as the bird man was about to approach us…we ran! We ran immediately away from him, and laughed our little hearts out.” 

     “There are very few things in the world that are more delightful than getting caught in the rain with your love in Italy.”

     “We climbed the winding staircase to find ourselves alone at the top of a magical tower surrounded by the most intensely gorgeous, yet intimate, view of all of Venice. It was gloomy and atmospheric and angelic, and there were whispers of smoke coming from the orange-brown rooftop chimneys. We sang softly to each other and danced above the clouds.” 

     “Whilst we were at the top, we were interrupted by a sweet elderly couple. They were formally dressed and Italians. At one given moment, the man asked if I could take a picture on his phone for him. And so I did. But whilst we made this exchange, Alli asked me to ask them if I could take a picture of them with our camera. There was a sweet moment of confusion between us, but eventually, they willingly agreed. Their moment was absolutely beautiful. A kiss between two people who have shared their lives together. It was heartwarming. Allison and I offered to send the finished picture to them, and so Giorgio offered me his business card. What an amazing exchange between two different generations from two very different parts of the world.”

         “The sky was a deep blue as the sun began to peek through, yet, somehow, still remaining lit by what was left of  last night’s moon. The light glistened from the ornate Venetian street lamps onto the raindrop dewed cobblestones. The whole piazza was illuminated by love. We held our umbrella over our heads as the rain trickled down from the sky and kissed underneath the glow of the lamplight. We are pretty sure another photographer who was there snapped a secret photograph of us! We can only hope that we provided inspiration for his own art.”


Little Life Update: Moving Out of Ireland

     We have officially moved out of Ireland!!!

     We had originally thought that it would be the perfect time to move out of our lovely little, rainy home in Galway, Ireland this upcoming summer 2017, but as it turns out, as always…there is no such thing as the perfect time for anything! 🙂 So, why wait around when adventure was calling us now? 🙂

     We moved to Galway last February to be able to live in the same country together as a young, international married couple, to pursue our longtime dream of living in Ireland, and to have our very own, more permanent home to live, grow, and learn in together in the first year of our marriage. We remember sitting in the House Hotel lobby last year after a few days of house viewings over a bowl of the biggest chips and soup we’d ever seen and a glass of Guinness to share, anticipating our big move. We remember that day like it was yesterday! It was pouring rain outside our hotel as we sat across the table from one another. We were nothing but two kids in love and a bundle of nerves trying to find a home.

     “We’ll give it a year and then see where life takes us.”

     And in that year, we’ve created many of the most wonderful memories in our home that we will cherish together for the rest of eternity. We can hardly believe that, two years ago, we didn’t even know whether or not we would be able to live in the same country together as husband and wife! We have grown even more as the very best of friends, let alone as soulmates. It was filled with so many firsts and falls, and it was incredible getting to do it all together as newlyweds.

     Some of our favourite moments living in Galway:

1. Moving to Ireland into our cozy and very first home together just in time for Valentine’s Day.
2. Hiding away from the days together with yummy takeaway food, cuddling up on the sofa, and ugly crying into each other’s bodies when times were impossibly tough.
3. Laughing in the early mornings as the sun is rising with sleepy smiles and sand in our eyes and our toes entwined.
4. Our funny but sweet, makeshift holiday celebrations.
5. Dreaming, creating, sleeping…
6. St. Patrick’s Day.
7. Our “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree.
8. Dancing in our first home, in our very own kitchen after baking the most horrible homemade cookies imaginable.
9. So many dances together in our kitchen! In candlelight, in daylight, in our pyjamas, in our fancy clothes, in just our socks…in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
10. All of these memories made together.

     We won’t be moving to a permanent home base at the moment as we will be completely immersing ourselves in some amazing creative projects we have coming up and traveling this beautiful world together! We are just so, so excited for the many experiences, memories to be made, and stories to be told that 2017 has in store for us.  Many times, you just have to take that leap of faith and listen to your heart.

     An old friend once said to us, “If you’re waiting to do something until you have all of your ducks in a row, then you won’t ever be able to do anything. Because no one will ever have all of their ducks in a row.” 🙂  This little quote has resonated with our life in the greatest way possible.

     Even until now, our life together is anything but conventional, and we are so grateful for our story.

…Off to Paris we go! 🙂




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