We are two untethered souls adventuring our way through the nooks and crannies of life and this incredible blue planet called Earth. The aim of our art is to share with others our celebration of wild love, life, and freedom. We hope you enjoy this peek into our own personal story amongst the most spectacular wonders of this world.

O’BRIEN AND OLIVE is made up of our eclectic husband and wife team.
Our story began with our wedding vows, when we promised to make every single day an adventure for one another. Every day would be a day worth living and being excited about. We promised to appreciate the little things, most of all.

We became engaged to marry because we were unconditionally and madly in love, but with our nationalities being British and American, our countries’ immigration laws were not going to make things easy for us. Despite the possibility of immigration separating us for what could truly be the rest of our lives, we knew it and felt it so stongly in our souls that we wanted to be together, we wanted each other forever. No distance or obstacle would ever change our love for one another — even if it meant that we would never be able to live together in one place until we were a little old man and little old lady! We put aside our fears of the future and embraced our present.

We married only three days after graduating drama school, and traveling became the essential way that we could be together. It was our life line. Our home was within each other, all over the world. And somewhere along the way of this crazy, unpredictable, most wonderful journey that is the life that we share together, we fell in love with the art of beautiful, creative imagery. And that is what began O’Brien and Olive. Through our photography and storytelling, we capture the memorable yet fleeting moments in our everyday lives and explorations around the world and bring these extraordinary, ordinary stories to life.

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