A Step Through Time in the French Riviera

       For the longest of time, it had always been a dream of Allison Marie’s to visit the infamous French Riviera. Even from the beginning of our being together, I can remember that she said she had always wanted to holiday in the south of France together! There was something so nostalgic, so curiously captivating that tugged at her heart strings and played a tune too irresistible to ignore.

Nice beach france
And so, with all those hopes and dreams of old, now, before our very eyes, and far beyond the depths of our imagination were the magnificent waters of Nice in the South of France. The atmosphere around was everything sweet and delicious about life. Like a roughened diamond found along the smooth pebble coast of the Côte d’Azur, Nice stood delicately and gloriously in all of her humble grandeur.

Nice France beach

Nice France
There’s just something about having perfect weather… cloudless blue skies, pristine crystal turquoise and pale sapphire blue waters, white pebble shores, colourful striped umbrellas lining the beaches, the adorable promenade des Anglais, dotted with human souls from all over the world, macarons, and the tiny, ancient town, and the atmosphere of sun, salt and sea; sweet voices, French ramblings and musings swifting through the gentle breeze.

The view from our balcony, in the iconic Le Negresco hotel, as high up as the giddiness in our hearts – it was heavenly. We would never tire of such a view of the turquoise ocean. With the charm and bustle of the street below our touching toes, I held my sweetheart tightly in my arms. I heard the sounds of old-time jazz playing within my mind’s ear, and in the silence of our embrace, I felt utterly complete — the fitting jigsaw pieces to my perfect puzzle.

     Upon its terrace and within its walls we had found and made a little home within our hearts for this place. A bright, artistic, whimsical, adoring, cinematically exquisite little home, right by the sea. There was a tiny universe inside of this poetic art palace, and we had discovered every part of it. Thank you most sincerely to the magical team at Hotel Le Negresco for hosting us during our blissful stay!

By night, the glittering sparkle of lights and yachts would glisten against the waterfront like stars in the marble sky; by day the nostalgia in the warming air would invite us into the streets and hills of this magnificent city.

     Life-sized toy boats rested on a gentle sea resembling sapphire trinkets and glistening chandelier droplets whilst an air of warmth and wonder are inhaled deep into the ocean breeze-drenched lungs of children and youthful seniors alike. The dry heat rained down gently against my skin, the light reflecting between the gaps of black print on my scandalous newspaper of French politics. My mind would slowly wander, and I was left with my eyes searching for nothing more than what visions laid before them to my left side; drifting into a picture-perfect postcard paradise. And that water…a sea of sapphire trinkets and chandelier droplets…ah, yes, that’s what I’d call it.

Nice Beach

     Oh, Nice… in a time so bittersweetly brief for two romantic souls, you had truly transported us into a world like our very own Woody Allen motion picture – A dusty album with the tattered corners, making the flickering visions and memories of our days that little more perfect. You were everything I had hoped you would be for my darling wife… and lightyears more.  xx