A Peek of Inspiration: Aug. 21-Aug. 25

     This is the very first post of our new personal blog series called, A Peek of Inspiration. We’ve been doing a whole lot of writing recently…personal prose, poetry, musings, thoughts, ideas, memories…and sharing them within the captions of our photographs on Instagram. At the end of each week, we thought it might be delightful to share what exactly inspired each piece of writing that was published along with our Instagram photographs right here with you. 🙂

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     Anywho, onto our first entry of A Peek of Inspiration!

Posted Monday, August 21, 2017
Location: Santorini, Greece
Santorini sunrise
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“7 Billion”
     I see love as something stupendously surreal. It’s been around since before our time, and we only have to look up to find the longest love affair of existence…the sun and moon.

     Because amidst the infinite stars of an infinite sky, it took just one, for the measly moon to shine so bright. So bright that his cracking craters are, against the sea of black and deserted space, illuminated, painted, glowing. And even now, until this day, he shines. Gloriously.
     I see our love as something stupendously surreal, too. You’re my sun…and from the seven billion people in the world, it took just one little soul for measly me…to feel, well, like the moon.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
– jack o’brien

     This particular piece was written approximately at 2:00am last Saturday. Allison Marie was asleep, and I could not. I was tossing and turning and eventually went to the bathroom. Coming back into the room I noticed how through a crack between our curtains the night sky was so brightly lit. I looked up to the night sky and I saw a beautiful sky of what looked like an infinite number of stars. And then it occurred to me how the little moon becomes so brightly lit each night, but only by our sun. And then the image of how only one being can make another feel so special amongst a huge number of others stuck with me. I then wrote this prose in my groggy state and finally was able to sleep.
By absolute coincidence, the day that we posted was the day of the recent solar eclipse. People were saying how they love the reference to the sun and moon as though it was a conscious choice. Funnily enough, whilst I knew the eclipse was taking place some time soon… with the date that this piece of writing was posted, it was by absolute chance.

Posted Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Location: Nice, France

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     This is one of my favourite photographs of us because it was taken during one of my most favourite, unassuming moments in life. It was about 5pm on a Thursday in the French Riviera. The sun was scorching and all sorts of lovely…I didn’t wear any sunblock on my skin, and he had to reapply his about four or so times that day. We had a flight to catch later that evening, and we wanted to make the very most of our last few hours in our little paradise. We were dipping our toes into the tiny waves that were moulded by the twinkling reflections of turquoise water gently cascading onto the rocks and pebbles beneath us. We were only talking. Talking, probably about nothing…and talking, probably about a whole lot of something. We tend to do that a lot…I guess most best friends do. But goodness, was I filled with happiness. It wasn’t a loud kind of happiness either, but the kind of happiness where it is so quiet that it almost feels as though your heart is actually hurting in the best way from how euphoric one little person can make you feel. I asked my sweetheart if he could ready our camera to snap this moment for us so that I could remember it until I was one hundred years old. I am mid-sentence in this photograph, and I swear my heart could have just about exploded with bliss in these very seconds. It sounds angsty and all sorts of silly, but it’s honest. I am sitting with my dearest friend in this photograph that captured us freckly and feeling happier than clams. A fragment frozen in French time. It captured us feeling especially happy this nice afternoon, probably about nothing…and happy, probably about a whole lot of something. I guess most best friends do.
– allison marie o’brien 

     This little musing speaks for itself, I think. I wrote it whilst Jack and I were watching the film, La La Land, very recently for the third time. 🙂 This particular photograph is so very sentimental to me. I quite literally had no care at all in the universe how it was going to turn out in the end, all I knew in that moment was that I was so deliriously happy, and I would have loved for that moment to have lasted for eternity.

Posted Friday, August 25, 2017
Location: Nice, France

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Six months.
Six months we have lived without a permanent address.
“Six months without a house?!
That’s six months without a home,”
Most people would say.
Isn’t it mind-boggling to think
How tiny snails have more of a
House within their
Little, swirling shells
Than we do, my love?
Here, there, and everywhere…
Our limbs are cradled
With the wisdom of mountains
Our bodies are washed
In indigo oceans
Our eyes engulfed
By a sea of celestial stars.
And yet, we are not lost from home,
Nor are we without one.
For you see, my darling,
You are my home…
My home is within you.
Your heart…
My home is within your heart.
All over the world…
My home is within your heart,
All over the world.
Within each other,
Our home
Is all over the world…

We have made a home
Within each other’s hearts,
All over the world.
– allison marie o’brien 

     I wrote this after a trip to a grocery store earlier this week. Jack ran into someone he knew from childhood, and when he asked Jack how he’d been doing, Jack responded, “Good, good, thank you! You know, just here, there, and everywhere.” And it sort of made me chuckle inside when he said, Here, there, and everywhere. I then realized that it had been six months since we moved out of our very first home together in Ireland! Half a year! Then, I thought about how some adults we meet gain this funny little inquisitive look on their face, eyebrows furrowing and all, when we tell them that we’re traveling around quite a bit and are not settled anywhere. In all honesty, I haven’t really pined after the thought of living in a settled home just yet, and that’s because Jack is my home. As long as he is with me, and I, with him, I am the happiest little bunny. We do miss having our tiny apartment in rainy Galway, Ireland from time to time and having our very own space to call our own, but we feel so strongly that moving out and pursuing our photography and travels earlier on was a decision that has made our hearts feel so much lighter. But! We would be absolutely over the moon to settle in one place for a while one day, maybe soon, maybe later! But wherever we settle and find our physical home, we want it to be a place where we can see ourselves living for a long, long, long while, a place filled with adventures, and most importantly, a place where we can, one day, raise our little dream garden of a family together in.
We want it to be right. 🙂


     P.S. If you look very, very closely and zoom in on the left side of ocean’s horizon on our third photograph, you will be able to see the universe’s tiniest little ship peeking through! We hadn’t noticed that before, and it really made us smile!