Lost in the Lights of New York City

“It’s a good day to be alive with you,” he breathed.
“It’s a good day to be loved by you,” I smiled.

(^My mother and father were with Jack and me the morning that this sentimental photograph was taken. After this photo of us had been shot, we started snapping some for my parents as well! 🙂 It was so pure and beautiful…watching them jump and dance around in the drizzling rain whilst we giggled and cheered them on as they gave each other tiny movie kisses. My parents held one another tightly. They were smiling and laughing and having the time of their life. And Jack and I were having the time of ours! After all, we were capturing 44 years of pure love on a little camera. They were only 16 and 19 years old when they eloped! Later in the day, I asked my mother what her favourite part of seeing New York City together was, and she responded, “I loved it all! But I wouldn’t trade those sweet, peaceful moments that we shared together as a family in front of the Manhattan Bridge in the rain for anything else in the world.”)

     Growing up until about my senior year of high school, my favourite place in the entire world was New York City. I loved it so much, I even wrote a short story about it when I was little called, “Lost in the Lights of New York City.” I was obsessed with Broadway, obsessed with city life, obsessed with the hustle and bustle. My family and I would road trip to NYC, with absolutely no plans whatever, almost every year in the summer, only for a weekend or so, and it would be the highlight of my whole summer! We would just walk around together, (and I have a huge Filipino family, so you can just imagine all of us trying to squeeze ourselves onto on the busy sidewalks together, hehe), sight seeing, eating lots of yummy food, window shopping, and catching up with family friends we had in NYC. My entire life, I had always thought to myself, “One day, I’m going to live here.” Although I’m not quite sure yet if that is true, I am always more than willing to come back for a lovely, adventure-filled visit! 😉

     This past Spring, Jack and I visited again along with my parents! We don’t get to travel with our parents or our family very often because they are spread out all over the world, so it is always such a treat when we do get to experience such beautiful places together! This little trip was an absolute dream and a half. I found this tiny entry in our personal diary written not too long after our trip, and I wanted to share it here! 🙂

     “Last weekend, we went on the most amazing trip to New York City. It’d been two years since we last visited the city, and this time was, by far, my favourite. We stayed in Times Square and visited places like Top of the Rock, The Met (We actually had pre-booked tickets for and were originally trying to see MoMA but mistook it for The Met! We traveled from our hotel about 45 mins to see what we thought would be MoMA…and we bursted out laughing when we realised we were at the completely wrong museum, and actually, MoMa was only a 5-minute walk from our hotel. Haha! Dad was not too pleased 😉 ) We finally made it to MoMa and saw our favourite painting of all time with our very own eyes, “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh! We also strolled through Central Park, ate at Dad’s favourite Japanese restaurants, did some window shopping, had a delicious dinner at TGI’s, saw Radio City Music Hall, the Flat Iron Building, Tiny’s, Chinatown, the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO, and it was all utterly wonderful. One of my Top 5 trips of my life. It was such a fun, happy, and simple weekend filled with lots of love, good food, beautiful and historic sights, wonderful weather, and the best company ever.”